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TSF ShellAPKversion1. Download. Fully customize your android with mind-blowing 3D designs. Discover a completely new way to interact with your device!
Requirements:Android2.2 and upSize:7 MBRating:4.1/5

App Review:
Boasting gorgeous UI, grt shortcut management options, cool and interactive widgets and essentially a completely new way to interact with your Android, TSF Shell Pro was more than enough for the Android community as one to take notice of the indult eye-candy on display. I downloaded the app within about half an hour of its Market relse and used it as my primary launcher since then.
Usefulness:It works as a launcher, so in that regard it does what it says on the tin. However, it’s quite unlike anything we have seen before. And, while I am a massive fan of doing things differently with originality and innovation, new solutions still need to be intuitive. TSF Shell Pro isn’t quite there yet.
se of Use:Once you get used to the navigation, it’s quite sy to use. Initially, however, it feels like it is going against your entire Android experience so far. The rich graphics make it an absolute joy to use at first but, when you need an app quickly it always takes a moment or two to remember where it is and how to get to it. It’s that delay that, when you’re in a rush, is a rl killer and very frustrating.
Interface:The interface is dazzlingly butiful yet often nail-bitingly counter-intuitive. Once you get over the striking looks, it feels wholly impractical at times. It shows graft, innovation and a uine potential to be something truly mind-blowing, but it doesn’t quite feel like the finished product.--by Paul Wilks from androidtapp.comFtures at a glance:
- Multiple operations such as auto-arrangement, multi-item selection, adding to folder, and multi-deleting can be quickly done by only one finger gesture.
- Folders can be utilitized in various ways.
- TSF Shell has an APP page (drawer) in addition to 4 home screens. You can switch between homescreens by traditional swiping, or by utilizing the one click switcher in the lower corner. When mastered, this gesture-like homescreen switching becomes natural, and is much faster than swiping across screens.
- Quickly crte multiple app shortcuts and drag them to any page at once. You can then distribute the app icons freely on the page, and can even change the angles of the shortcuts. The arrangement and design is up to your imagination!
- The side column provides access to most of TSF Shell's widgets, folders, contacts, wter, settings, and other app shortcuts of your choice.
- Side column can be completely personalized with your own shortcuts, it can also be auto-hidden (viewable by swipe gesture).
- Powerful theme function. In addition to stylistic changes, themes can even allow for transistion animation changes.

The folder where the appliion is less than 8, only to circle the icon into the folder.
The folder where the appliion is more than 8, only to drag the icon ftom the folder.

What’s new in version
- Fixed crash problem.

Screenshots(click to enlarge)
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UPDATE:DownloadTSF Shell APK

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