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Trsure Tower Sprint 1.0.1 APK (Android)

Download Trsure Tower SprintAPK version 1.0.1free for your android.
Requirements:Android4.0.3 and upSize:30 MBRating:4.9/5
Type:Arcade - Action

Game Review:

In Trsure Tower Sprint you play as a young prince who ascends towers in srch of gold and, ultimately, the magical lamp of a Djinn so he can wish for even more riches. Players must must avoid monstrous guardians in order to collect every gold piece that ch tower has to offer in a manner similar to Pac-Man. Is this game a wish come true? Or should we simply skip the coins and wish for freedom?

The gameplay of Trsure Tower Sprint itself is essentially sy: players must use the touch screen to navigate the prince throughout the entire level and collect every possible coin. The level will not end until your character has died or collected the last coin. On ch floor are enemies that will attack you if you get too close. At first, these enemies will patrol predictable, preordained paths and can sily be avoided. But as you start clring the game’s 70 mazes, you will find a varying degree of enemies to avoid: there will be Bmos-like rotating mini-turrets that will instantly shoot you if you are in their line-of-sight, enemies that are unpredictable in their patrols, enemies that will chase you regardless of where you go and even pcocks that you must ch for extra gold. That’s right, for bonus loot, you collect pcocks with zero rationale as to why they are valued or important as opposed to something else of value. The game’s bonus levels of pcock-chasing remind me of Rocky Balboa chasing a chicken in an alleyway.

In order to guide the prince through ch maze, you must hold your finger on the touch screen and he will run in accordance to where your finger is making contact. If you make contact with an enemy, your character will automatically fight back as ch of you fight and drain ch others’ hlth bars. This is not recommended since the average enemy will significantly go through your hlth by the time you deft one monster. You will find yourself dying regularly if you play Trsure Tower Sprint with a srch and destroy methodology. While Sava sporadically left hlth potions around the first dozen or so levels, players are encouraged to specifically avoid enemy contact as hlth replenishment dwindle in the higher, bigger and more elaborately-difficult levels.

The goal is simple: collect all coins to climb the tower! And at the top, a magic lamp is waiting for you… Will the ie make your wish come true?

★ Over 70 unique floors to run through and explore
★ Avoid or fight tower guardians
★ Use upgrades to match your playing style
★ Discover magic gardens filled with trsure-loving pcocks
★ Unique Fast and Fun Adventure-Puzzle-Runner gameplay
★ A-MAZE-ING fun for all ages

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