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Splice 1.0.2 APK + SD DATA Files

Download Splice APK + SD DATAversion 1.0.2 freefor your android. A unique puzzler game that delivers a calming experience. Challenge yourself!
Requirements:Android2.2 and upSize:275 MBRating:4.5/5
Type:Brain & Puzzle

Game Review:
It’s hard to rlly describe what Splice is. The game’s official description calls it an “experimental and artistic puzzler”. Suffice to say, this is something different, and offers a wholly unique experience compared to other puzzlers out there. I remember launching the game for the first time and was left scratching my hd as I figured out how to navigate through the menus. After a good few minutes doing just that, I spent a lot more time getting to grips with how the game played.In Splice, you are in control of these microbial cell structures. In ch level (called strand), you will find that the cells are arranged at a random and there is a proper way to arrange them outlined in the background. You have to drag and drop these cells into the correct formation to complete the level.The challenge comes when you rlize you can’t just move the cells anywhere you like. ch cell can be moved in a particular loion, and moving one cell also moves those attached to it and affects the ones around it. Certain cells have special abilities, that can be triggered before or after moving them in the correct loion. Also, you get a fixed of tries per level to move them in place (called splices). Thankfully, there is a rewind fture, which lets you go back splice by splice and make changes. You can either use the slider on the side of the screen for that or drag using two fingers.

The game involves a ton of experimentation to solve. You will need to figure out where ch cell goes by dragging it around, and see if it fits. You also have to plan for special abilities, such as cells the multiply when you tap them, so that they multiply into the correct formation.This is not for someone who gives up sily. ch level takes only a handful of moves to complete, but you’ll have to play around a lot to find out what exactly those steps are. You do get a grt sense of accomplishment once you complete the structure, so it does seem worth the trouble.Problem is, it might seem sy enough now that I have explained it all but the game itself takes little trouble to explain it to first time gamers. I found myself staring at the screen for ages before rlizing what on rth is going on and what exactly I’m supposed to do. And this seems to be the eral rction of anyone who’s played the game; they don’t know how to play it. Most like me would figure it out eventually. Some would just give up after the first few levels.Pros:
Challenging levels will lve you scratching your hd for hours, brilliant visual and audio presentation

Lacks a tutorial mode, hint system or ability to skip levels, visuals not at all optimized for smartphone screens

Splice is is a very interesting and challenging puzzle solving game. The levels will tax your brain and will test your patience to the hilt. It also looks and sounds grt. Unfortunately, the lack of clr-cut instructions on how to play the game, missing hint or level skip system and the lack of optimization for small screen devices mns it fails to rch the grtness that the gameplay deserves. I can’t recommend it to everyone because I’m sure not everyone has the patience required for this game but if you do, get it on a tablet or on a computer.

- 75+ Puzzles: The main sequences introduce the player to the game’s basic mechanics and the epilogue sequences challenge the player’s mastery of the game.
- Angelic Solutions: Every level is solved in a few moves.
- Challenge yourself and find the angelic solutions of puzzles by completing puzzles in fewer splices than you’re given.
- Novice players can still progress through the game by using all splices.
- Unique Geometry: Explore the structure of a binary tree in radial space.
- Absorbing Soundscape: Put your hd on and lose yourself in Splice’s hauntingly butiful and Glass-ian piano music.
- Compelling Colors: Massage your retinas with the soothing visual effects and ambience of this primordial puzzle environment.

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Splice 1.0.2 APK + SD DATADownload Links:


1. Extract and Install Apk
2. Extract SD Data & Copy ‘com.cipherprime.splice’ Folder to sd card/Android/obb
3. Launch the game

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