Saturday, May 21, 2016

Shattered Minds: Encore APK + DATA

Download Shattered Minds: Encore APK + DATA version 1.0.0free for your android.
Requirements:Android2.3 and upSize:400 MBRating:4.5/5

Game Review:

You are a detective with a knack for dling with strange cases and your Chief has a new case for you to investigate. After a series of vanishing famous monuments the world over, you are sent to Paris, France to investigate a possible link between the disapprances and a calling card left behind at the crime scenes. Play through challenging hidden object games and perplexing puzzles in an attempt to unravel the mystery in this thrilling hidden object adventure game!

A customer review from the Amazon product page:
I was finally able to download the full version and this is definitely a 4 star game. The storyline was interesting and the games and HO srches helped move it along. We definitely need more games like this!
*** original review below ***
The first chapter was good - the HO srches and mini games aren't super sy, but there's a hint button if you get stuck. You can choose your play - casual through expert - which is nice. As with the others, I can't get the full version and am getting the same no account error. I can't judge the game based on the bits I've been able to get to. Once the bug is fixed and I can play the full game, I'll adjust my review.
On a note to Big Fish - plse stop relsing preview only games. I would have happily skipped the free min-version and paid $1.99 to download the full version right off the bat. Having the option to go straight to the full version at cost would probably have saved the hdache we're all having right now getting to it. -By Angela865Ftures:
✓ Unique Hidden Object Games
✓ 20 Mysterious Puzzles
✓ Visit a dollhouse, dark alley, and more!
✓ Can you the case?

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How to install the game:
1. Install Apk
2. Copy ‘com.bigfishgames.shatteredmindsencoregoogfull’ Folder to sdcard/Android/obb
3. Launch the Game

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