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Auto Call Recorder Pro 3.52 APK

DownloadAuto Call Recorder ProAPKversion3.52for your android. (Ad free)
Requirements:Android2.1 and upSize:375 KBRating:3.5/5

App Review:
Auto Call RecorderProallows users to choose between automatic call recording for all the calls that they receive or from the users who are not there on your contact list or no recording at all if you do not feel the need of it. The appliion also provides a variety of options in terms of audio formats for compatibility and higher sound quality as well; plus users can choose where they need to save the files or recording for sy discovery later on.The biggest benefit ofAuto Call Recorderis that it allows users to see the recording in a list all inside the appliion interface for sorting and saving. Although there is a limit of 100 call recordings in the free version but that is more than sufficient for important messages plus users can always buy it pro version if they need more support and ftures.One of its best ftures is the Dropbox integration that allows users to save all the recording on the cloud storage so that if the need be to share the recording with a group of people they can sily do it using the power of cloud.Rd more at themobileindian.comFtures at a glance:
- automatically save calls from a contact and add comment to a recorded call.
- stop a recording in progress or start recording when a call is in progress.
- Record all desired calls on your phone.
- Select which calls to record:
- Record all calls or only those that are from s that are not in your contacts.
- Play, save and share the recorded calls.
- Auto call recorder also supports wav , ANR, 3gp formats.
- Recording on an external sd card or any loion desired is also possible.
- The audio source is now configurable.
- For playing the 3gp format you can use the “MX Player”.

If you have a problem with the recording, plse try to record with a different audio source, which you can configure in the settings tab.
Try to record with spker on or off , until you find the best combination for your phone.
For example you can try Audio Source -> Voice UpLink and spker off.

Free download of Auto Call Recorder Pro 3.52 APK (No ads) is available at the end of this post.

What’s new in version3.52(Updated June 26, 2013)
- Support for additional languages – You can change languages in the settings
-Bug fixes
-In previous versions:
-Show the call subject in the list of recordings – turn on this fture in the settings
-Srch by subject
-Improved integration with Dropbox

Screenshots(click to enlarge)
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